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Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Vol. 4, No. 3

Charlie Kelnhofer: Lone Star Golfer

In its inaugural season, Trinity Baptist College’s golf team is captained by Charlie Kelnhofer. Charlie, in fact, is the only member of the team. You could say that Kelnhofer is the lone star of Trinity golf. Kelnhofer is the face of a program trying to find an identity.

Standing six feet tall and proudly displaying a full-grown beard, Brett Buchanan looks as though he would be an intimidating guy to talk to. But his gentle countenance and kind heart dispel those thoughts immediately. Brett grew up at a boy's ranch and recently took a group of college students down for a weekend of ministry. Here’s a little Q&A about Brett’s life.

The Trinitarian would like to publish your stories and poetry. Send submissions to In the meantime, enjoy this essay by Katie Gilmore.

This Month at Trinity: November 2014

Not every weekend at Trinity packs a 1-2-3 punch, but the weekend of November 8 and 9 did. On Saturday morning, fifteen students and history professor Kevn Hozey traveled to Fort Caroline, near the mouth of the St. Johns River, site of the first French colony in the United States. In a self-guided tour, students learned the history of the people who settled there in 1564 until they were sacked by the Spanish who later settled St. Augustine further south.

During the Sunday night service, students and faculty presented dramatic pieces and vocal and intrumental numbers (including a striking acoustic guitar solo by Joey Contois) at Evensong, showcasing a theme of thanksgiving. Later that same evening, two intramural softball teams faced off.

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