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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Vol. 2, No. 7

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Ask Screech

Screech quickly cleans for dean inspection. ~ Photo by Airen Alves
Screech quickly cleans for dean inspection. ~ Photo by Airen Alves

Nobody knows TBC like Screech. He's your best source for inside information and advice about problems. When you want to know something, ask Screech.

Dear Screech,

Every week when dean inspection rolls around I always have something wrong in my room. Even though I try to keep my room clean, I am not very creative when it comes to organization and end up having a cluttered room by Wednesday. Instead of actually putting things away, I sort of just stuff things into open places. I want to pass Dean Inspection, but I don’t really know where to start. Please help!


Forever Messy


Dear Messy,

I remember the days when Papa Eagle would squawk at me for not making the bed right, or for leaving who knows what all over the nest. Eventually, Papa gave me some creative tips to stay neat. Tip 1: When you get something out put it away as soon as you are done. Don’t kick off your shoes and leave them in the middle of the room. Take the time to put them where they belong. Tip 2: Try to take five to ten minutes a day to put things away. A small amount of time each day can really help you stay neat. Tip 3: Get into the habit of making your bed daily. Because the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room, making it can make the entire room look neater.

Your Pal,


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