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Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Vol. 2, No. 8

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Grads Share Advice, Memories

Graduates take their places for the Baccalaureate Service on May 3. ~ Photo by Airen Alves
Graduates take their places for the Baccalaureate Service on May 3. ~ Photo by Airen Alves

Whether you regard graduation as a milestone achieved or the first step on a lifelong journey, no one can deny that it's a day filled with both the bitter and the sweet. For the 57 undergraduates in the Class of 2013, there's likely not another day that brings out both advice and memories. In that spirit, then, the Trinitarian has sought to distill the best from this year's graduates.

Graduating seniors of 2013. ~ Photo by Christopher Alves


Trinitarian: What was your most memorable experience at Trinity?

  • Katie MacNaughton: Basketball trips, fountain jump, meeting Zac (I know: awwww).
  • Hannah Miller: My favorite memory from my time here would have to be a road trip I took with my friends to Tifton, Georgia. A few of us just took a Saturday and drove to Georgia, stopping wherever we wanted to stop and doing whatever random things we wanted to do. It was definitely a trip I'll never forget!
  • Danny Nelson: Graduating! Just kidding. The chapel services held on Fridays, also Mondays before they changed the format this year. I really enjoyed having different speakers twice a week. They brought different perspectives and experiences to share with the students.
  • James Robinson: I think the things I will remember most about my time at Trinity (other than the people) will be the big events such as the Student Summit Conferences, the school plays, and the student body activities I was involved in.
  • Devon Williams: There are way too many moments for me to just choose one. But I think the best one would probably be all the times I have talked to the underclassmen and given them advice. I see that God has used me on many occasions to help then through whatever they were going through.
  • Glenn Foreman: My most memorable experience was having the opportunity to preach on Wednesday as a representative for the homiletics class.

Trinitarian: What is one piece of advice you would give to underclassmen?

  • Brandon Hochstetler: Get involved! The more involved you are with the student body, the more you will look back and see you have made a difference. Be involved with the things you are good at and use your talents to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Elizabeth Miller: Keep going. Do not give up. If you feel you can't go on, take a breath, don’t quit, you can make it. Remember the people around you that want you to finish well. In every thing you do, do it for God's glory. With God all things are possible.
  • April Moon: Don't stress it too much. Yes, strive for your best, but always have fun.
  • Byron Jackson: God in His infinite grace has stamped us excellent by His work. He placed the value on us. The price that anyone’s willing to pay for anything is what gives it value. It’s what you will pay for it. God is willing to pay His Son for us and that’s what makes it excellent.

The Trinitarian: How has being at Trinity helped your spiritual walk with God?

  • Dustin Burgess: Accountability and openness. Hearing and witnessing testimonies of people, and the openness we have with each other, has kept me on track.
  • Justin Doane: Perseverance: There were a lot of struggles for me both spiritually and emotionally with deaths in my family and the enemy trying to distract me from what God has called me to do. Galatians 6:9 and Jeremiah 29:11 [have become important to me].
  • Christina Dowell: There are certain people that God has placed in my path to encourage me in my trials. Typically the chapel speakers delivered a solid and powerful sermon. The Bible classes gave me new insight in God's word.
  • Adrian Holmes: Being at Trinity has provided me with good friends and a strong spiritual family. Everyone is so encouraging and complimentary, and I must say that I am glad I decided to attend Trinity than some other state school. You can see the love of God in people that you can't find at many other places.
  • Marie Sapronetti: It has helped me very much! I think one of the most important things I learned is how helpful it is to have quiet times with God. To take time in the morning and spend it *just* with God can really prepare you for the rest of the day.

There is so much that you can learn at Trinity to help you grow. The hope of these graduates, and of the Trinitarian staff, is to see each student to grow in God, and to graduate knowing that they have done the best that they can possibly do.

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