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Friday, August 28th, 2015

Vol. 3, No. 11

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First Look at TBC Baseball Program

In the 40th year of Trinity Baptist College’s existence, a new baseball program has begun. Earlier this year Trinity introduced Jon Copeland as the new head baseball coach for its 2014-15 season. In the middle of April, Coach Copeland held a two-day try out for some of TBC’s current students. Juniors Chase Owens and Taylor Huff and freshman Jordan Olison, who led the NIT basketball team to a national champion, were among the students who displayed their talents on the diamond for the coach. Owens and Olison left the diamond feeling confident of their first audition before the new coach. “I do believe,” Owens said, “that if there are available roster spots, then I will be one of the players called upon to play.” Olison’s attitude wasn’t far from Owens, as he said, “I should get one of the spots; I thought that they liked me out there.”

Coach Copeland was complimentary of the players, saying that they all fared well, and that there would be potential spots on the roster for some of them. By the start of next season, Copeland hopes to have a built roster of 35 players, after recruiting and bringing in double that number total. He has been recruiting and will continue to recruit college athletes statewide and all of the areas surrounding Jacksonville who are interested in Christian education and growing in their relationship with Jesus. Once all of the recruiting is finished, Coach will begin a strength and conditioning program for the players, and he will schedule a few scrimmages with Florida State College of Jacksonville, St. Johns College, and other baseball programs around the area.

The baseball will add yet another level of excitement to the TBC sports program. With the emergence of all of the basketball programs, volleyball, and soccer, there will be plenty of sports for the faculty and students to go out and support throughout the next school year.

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